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Charles PC Repair services all major brands of computers even custom built. We provide virus, spyware, and malware removal from your system. We do total system cleanup and system diagnostics of your PC or laptop. We troubleshoot your PC problems on the phone or we even come to your house to take care of it. If you need a system upgrade we can take care of all hardware and software upgrades to your PC or laptop. If you need one custom build we can take care of that too. If you would like more information go back to our home page my going to www.charlespcrepair.com

*********************FREE PC REPAIR CHECKUPS********************

We are now offering FREE PC REPAIR CHECKUPS!!! What this includes is a FREE checkup to see what all is wrong with your system, and to let you know what can be done to fix it. For example, we will check your computer and see if it has any viruses, malware or spyware, and if it does we will contact you and let you know and see if this is something you would like us to fix, if you do then we will tell you the cost and we will fix it. If you don’t want us to fix it there is no charge. We will also check and see how it is running and see if it needs a cleanup, to increase to speed and performance of your computer and we will call you and let you know what we find out, and if you choice to do the cleanup, the virus, malware, and spyware removal is included and we will let you know the price and if you tell us that’s what you want then we will clean it up for you.

*********************FREE PC REPAIR CHECKUPS********************

 *Computer Tuneups
*Hardware Upgrades
*Software Installations
*Scanner, Printer and Camera installations
*New Computer Set-up
*Help you get on the internet
*Contain virus outbreaks
*Remove prying spyware
*Install preemptive virus and spyware security measures
*Connect home or office wireless networks
*Secure networks from intruders
*Assess home or office computer security threats
*Help protect and back up important data
*Perform system checkups and maintenance
*Bring your computer up-to-date
*Bring a new life to older pc systems
*Help Desk Services
*Remote diagnostics and repair
*Phone in and Remote Tech support
*Operating system install & setup "WIndows 98,ME,2000,XP and Windows 2003 Server


*********************FREE PC REPAIR CHECKUPS********************


  • Virus removal, includes Virus, spyware, and malware removal - $55
  • Total system cleanup, this cleanup will get rid of any unneeded programs and files that are installed on your computer and I will also run a number of programs that will make your computer perform at its top performance, leaving it running the fastest to its ability and it also includes Virus removal - $75
  • Total system restore, includes a brand new fresh operating system being installed on your computer and any other programs that you would like installed. The operating system and other programs that you would like to be installed on your computer IS NOT included in the price. The operating systems that can be installed is of your choice, you can choice between Windows XP, Windows Vista, and  the latest Windows 7. Other operating systems like Windows 95, 98, and 2000 can also be installed, but keep in mind that these are older operating systems and are outdated with some of the newer technology that is out there - $100
  • The everything package includes Virus removal, cleanup and fix any all problems that you might be having with you PC plus installing any parts that it might need or you would want for your PC plus the cost of parts- $100
  • What do I get with Virus removal? Well 99.99% of computers now these days have a virus, spyware, or malware on their computer. They can make your computer run slow, delete files from your computer and some spyware and malware can even get your personal information. Some spyware and malware will act as a virus program telling you that you have all these viruses and to get rid of them you have to buy the program, and that’s one way they can get you personal information like your address and credit card information. I can get rid of those for you and install programs on there that will keep them off.
  • What do I get with Total system cleanup? Well you get ALL your viruses taken off and programs installed to keep them off, and a total system cleanup, that gets rid of any unneeded programs and files that you don’t use and that is just taking up space, and slowing your computer down. There are a number of other things that i do to it to speed it up and get it running like it was brand new again.
  • What do I get with the Everything package? You get the Virus removal, the Total system cleanup, and if there is any problems that you are having with your computer, I will also fix those along with adding any parts to your computer for free, plus the price of the part.

Charles PC Repair also takes care of your network too. If you have a small network at home or a larger one at your office we can take care of that for you. For more information on networking from Charles PC Repair go to www.ctextremenetworking.com

Charles PC Repair can also take care of your web site or web sites for that small business you have at home or for your office. For more information about web sites by Charles PC Repair go to www.ctextremewebdesigners.com

Charles PC Repair  will also like to help you keep your home or business safe. With the proper equipment and knowledge that Charles PC Repair can provide you will not have to worry about your home or office ever again. For more information about protecting your home from intruders go to www.ctextremesecurity.com

Charles PC Repair can help your small or large business up off the ground and get the word out there to the public with our new advertising campaign. The advertising part of it is still under development but will be done soon. a web site is also being developed for the advertising and everything will be explained on that web site. So come back for updates.

Charles PC Repair
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